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Two boys and two girls run into the forest. The forest! A place of mystery and enchantment, contemplation and adventure, games and traps. In its winding trails, one can find a goblin, a queen disguised as a pirate, a wild animal, and an actor absentmindedly rehearsing his lines. The forest is a territory of beings that live between different worlds and will never be captured, like this dangerous beast made of imagination and claws: the Tiger Lily.

A TIGER LILY IS HARD TO FIND is a show about childhood, imagination and the theatre. The inhabitants of this forest can pass without transition from one state to the other, from one character to the other, from fiction to reality, from everyday life to fantasy. We imagine a show as a kind of hybrid being that shapeshifts, spreads beyond the stage and threatens to swallow the entire audience. We want the spectators to leave the theatre thinking, “Did this really happen, or was it a dream?”

dramaturgy and direction Alex Cassal developed and performed by Alfredo Martins, Binete Undonque, Crista Alfaiate and Daniel Pizamiglio assistant stage director Keli Freitas dramaturgicalassistant Joana Frazão movement direction Márcia Lança light design Tomás Ribas set design Aurora dos Campos costumes Ana Carolina Lopes assistant set design Saulo Santos photography Alípio Padilha executive production Daniela Ribeiro and Paula Diogo production Má-Criação comissioned by LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões 

support Museus da Universidade de Lisboa, Jardim Botânico Tropical, Direcção Municipal da Estrutura Verde, Ambiente e Energia, Divisão de Espaços Verdes.


LU.CA Teatro Luís de Camões (Lisbon PT), September  2018