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Three travelers float in the middle of the Mediterranean. As they drift along with the tides to a destination unknown to them, they recall the names of the 55 cities described by Italo Calvino in Invisible Cities. These are cities with women’s names, as if cities were people too. Attractive or strange, old or newborn, peaceful or angry. People with desires, memories, utterances. In Italo Calvino’s book, cities are the protagonists of stories that intertwine real and invented regions, connected by paths where one can freely circulate. But the adrift travelers (who make the imaginary maps of these unlikely cities they may never come to know) must first cross borders those lines that unite, but also separate, territories, people and cultures.

dramaturgy and direction Alex Cassal developed and performed by Alfredo Martins, Paula Diogo and Rafaela Jacinto research Joana Frazão light design Daniel Worm photography Luís Martins production Má-Criação co-production Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and Cine-Teatro Louletano.


Maria Matos Teatro Municipal  (Lisboa) February 2016


tour Cine-Teatro Louletano (Loulé PT), April 2016; FIT – Festival Internacional de Teatro (São José do Rio Preto BR), July 2017; Matucana 100 (Santiago CH), July 2017; Teatro Auditorium (Mar del Plata AR), July 2017; Teatro do Instituto Cultural Brasil-Alemanha (Salvador BR), August 2017; Maria Matos Teatro Municipal  (Lisbon PT), February 2018; Teatro Viriato (Viseu PT), February 2018; LU.CA Teatro Luís de Camões (Lisbon PT), February 2020.