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Paula Diogo conceived the series Sobre Lembrar e Esquecer [On remembering and forgetting] to talk about the way memory works in our lives. LANDSCAPE, in co-creation with Tónan Quito and the collective Foguetes Maravilha, is the second moment of this cycle which started in 2018 with the show with the same name presented at the Maria Matos Theater, in Lisbon.

A conversation about two short pieces by Harold Pinter served as a starting point for this show. In both, a middle-aged couple dialogues (or monologues) about episodes that only one of them seems to remember or that both remember very differently. These pieces served as a motto to reflect on how memory operates in our lives: what we choose to remember or forget, what we are able to remember or forget. Out of habit, conditioning, or self-preservation, by accident. We are our memories. And if our memories are nothing but the product of our imagination (as André Breton once said), then who are we? 

Departing from the original idea for LANDSCAPE, and taking into account the current pandemic context, two formats of the show were produced and are available for touring, seeking to respond both to a regular theater setting, in-person, and to a program adapted to the online format.

LANDSCAPE, the show, was presented in March 2021 at Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre (TMP Online) and was conceived to be set in a theater room, conventional stage or studio, and is available for touring with a team of 6 people

LANDSCAPE, the video, seeks to provide a visual experience distinct from a plain recording of the show. Offering an intimate and detailed point of view, the film invites the viewer to wander around the universe of the two characters, and at the same time proposes relations of proximity and complicity while evoking the poetry proper of cinematographic discourse in a hybrid object.

creation Paula Diogo, Renato Linhares and Tónan Quito, in dialogue with Alex Cassal and Stella Rabello text Renato Linhares video planning João Bento, Renato Linhares e Stella Rabello performance Paula Diogo e Tónan Quito light design Wilma Moutinho scenic space Fernando Ribeiro sound creation João Bento costumes Miss Suzie construction of scenography Josué Maia stage photography João Tuna video and editing a-tundra Filmes executive production Vanda Cerejo and Carlos Alves

Co-produçtion Má-Criação, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Centro Cultural de Belém co-production residency O Espaço do Tempo 

Project financed by Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts

Artistic residency support Companhia Olga Roriz, Causas Comuns, Desvio/Gui Garrido

special thanks  Bárbara F. Fernandes, Daniela Ribeiro, Daniel Worm, Diogo Melo, Doca, Estelle Franco, Frame Colectivo, Joana Guimarães, Lina Santos, Mariana Lima, Mariana Ricardo, Martim Pedroso, Masako Hattori, Nuno Domingues (hairstyle), Nuno Gil, Sérgio Milhano (Ponto Zurca), Sónia Baptista, Teresa Oliveira.

Paula Diogo’s work is supported by apap – FEMINIST FUTURES – a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. (

Má-Criação is a structure supported by the Lisbon City Council and housed in Espaço Alkantara


Teatro Municipal do Porto (Oporto), March 2021