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PROJECT 101 brings together artists from different countries for an interdisciplinary collaboration based on Roger Pol-Droit’s book 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life. This project is divided into 4 phases/actions: FLYERS (in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto flyers are distributed with instructions for the experiences proposed in 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life); SOCIAL BEARS (what if two bears went out for a coffee in Bairro Alto?); SHOP WINDOWS (A television circuit is installed in several shop windows between Largo de Camões and Calçada do Combro. In them we see the performers completing the 101 tasks); MASAKO POINT (an exercise in perception, inviting the public to a game that subverts theatrical conventions and reflects on the spectator’s role). 

concept and performance Alfredo Martins, Cláudia Gaiolas, Paula Diogo, Simão Cayatte and Sofia Ferrão invited creators Alex Tolkmitt Alves/BE, Liina Keevalik/EE, Lior Azivoor/IL, Masako Hattori/ES, Mikko Hynninen/FI and Oren Sagiv/IL executive producer Rita Cabral production and promotion Patrícia Costa supporting creative team F. Ribeiro (stage design), José Álvaro Correia (light design) and Sérgio Milhano (sound design) photography Masako Hattori co-production: O Pato Profissional Lda/ Má-Criação and NEGÓCIO/ZDB partners O Espaço do Tempo and DeVIR/CAPA funding: Direcção Geral das Artes and GDA 


NEGÓCIO/ZDB (Lisbon), April 2008

presented during its development phase at Devir / Capa (Faro PT) and O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo PT) at the closed-down municipal pool.