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Paula Diogo imagined the series ABOUT REMEMBERING AND FORGETTING to talk about how memory operates in our lives. Three shows to talk about what we choose to remember or forget, or what we can remember and forget. THE AUTUMN STATION (A Estação de Outono), the third moment of this cycle which started in 2018, is a creation that brings together Alexander Kelly, Chris Thorpe, Cláudia Gaiolas and Paula Diogo.

A piece for two voices: Two strangers meet regularly in public spaces and reconstruct the steps that lead to someone’s disappearance. In the course of a series of conversations, we discover a possible common past where places, people, situations, possible clues to cases that have never been solved are mixed.

A fantasy that is built on the relationship between sound and words. A mystery to be unraveled: is there a missing person or is it the memory of that person that has disappeared?

creation  Cláudia Gaiolas and Paula Diogo in dialogue with Alexander Kelly and Chris Thorpe text Alexander Kelly and Chris Thorpe performance Cláudia Gaiolas and Paula Diogo sound creation João Bento light design Cárin Geada assistance and light operation João Teixeira scenography Marta Carreiras scenography assistant Ricardo Reis costumes José António Tenente video recording Masako Hattori photography João Tuna translation Joana Frazão executive production Carlos Alves and Vanda Cerejo production Má-Criação artistic residences Alkantara and mala voadora artistic residence support Companhia Olga Roriz partners Third Angel (UK), mala voadora and Festival Temps d’Images

institutional partner República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura project financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes

Má-Criação is a structure supported by the Lisbon City Council and housed in Alkantara.

Paula Diogo’s work is supported by apap – FEMINIST FUTURES – a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.


Festival Temps d’Images / CCB Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon PT, October 2021


mala voadora, Oporto PT, November 2021